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Mark Francombe
biografi / biography

Mark Francombe
Mark Francombe. Photograph: Stéphane Burlot

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Født / Born 1963, Ongar, Essex, England
Bor og arbeider i Oslo / Lives and works in Oslo


Solo Shows / Separatutstillinger
- nordic art info, Oslo, 2004
- Imprint Gallery, Deventer (Nederland / The Netherlands), 2004


Direction, production and editing. Using 16mm, (Arriflex, Bolex and Rostrum) Super 8 and Video, 3 machine Beta editting suite, Steinbeck Film editting +  Adobe Premier and AfterEffects.

Strawberry Wasp: A 20 minute Cinemascope Extravaganza shot on 16mm. It has been shown at the London Filmakers Coop, the Fridge, and the Aspex Gallery.

The Great Work:  A 16mm trilogy comprising Homonculas, Terpiscore and The Box.

Dole Film: Shot in poverty and misery. A B&W Super8 film shot to pass the time while I lived for two years on that great British Intitution, the Dole.

The Ghosts of the Yellow Leaves: An enviromental documentary shot in Thailand concerning a pacifist Tribe called the Malabri, who`s ancient belief systems have much that could teach us in the West.

We encourage resistance    1288 Cartel 
Live in Surbiton      Cardiacs
Seaside Treats       Cardiacs
(Three Promos packaged together for retail.)

I have also directed five videos for Cranes which have all been broadcast (on BBC, ITV, MTV Europe and US):
Inescapable :. I Hope :. Tommorows Tears :. Adoration :. Everywhere.


I have written and recorded music for everything from Samplers and Synthesisers to a 10 piece Orchestra.

Cranes: As a musician in the rock band Cranes from 1990-1997 ( I have performed all around the world including support band for the Cures 1992 Wish Tour. We have recorded six albums, for BMG records: Self Non Self 1989, Wings of Joy 1990, Forever 1992, Loved 1994, Orestes and Electre 1996, Population Four 1997. I have directed five video's for Cranes, which have all been broadcast (on BBC, ITV, MTV Europe and US)

I have had many other musical projects. Including:

Uncle Ian: My first band, Early electronics inspired by Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, often seen live chain-sawing cars in half.  Possibly the only band where the singer was only seen on video!

Eardrum: My experimental electronic music project, comprising myself and Steve Austin. We have written, recorded and released a number of pieces for CVB Records and Tatra Records.; My first experimental noise project in Oslo


Petersfield Comprehensive School:
- 'o' levels in Art English Maths Physics Design and Technology.

Portsmouth University:
- BA with Honours Degree in Video, Film and Fine Art (2:1)

Portsmouth College of Art, Design and Further Education:
- HND in Graphics. OND in 3D Design.

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